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A network of well-rounded professionals with a variety of backgrounds and skill-sets. Each person brings a unique understanding, assessment and interpretation of personal and commercial property, casualty, life, health and indexed markets. The team is enthusiastic, creative, and market-savvy professionals who work collaboratively to help you achieve results that are profitable and measurable.​



  • Gift your Agency to a Family Member 

  • Sell your Agency on the Open Market

  • Or, take a Guaranteed Buyout at 150%

  • Residual Income

  • Sales Focused

  • Back Office Support

  • Product Experts

  • Business Consultant

  • Carrier Access (100+)

Own a business in which your revenue increases year over year while your operating costs stay flat.

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*Subject to all terms and conditions outlined in the Barra Agency Partner (AP) agreements. Barra APs are not franchisees. They are independent contractors and are not employed by Barra & Associates LLC or its affiliates. APs establish their own trademark, service mark, trade name, logotype, advertising, or other commercial symbol not designating Barra or its affiliates. In the operation of the APs business, it is prohibited to use Barra’s trademark, service mark, trade name, logotype, advertising, or other commercial symbol designating the company or its affiliates. Barra provides back office support to an AP for a fee. Barra is an equal opportunity employer. Barra & Associates LLC, Schaumburg, IL. Note: Life and Health (if applicable), and Property and Casualty (if applicable) licenses are required to sell insurance and financial services products.