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Joshua Flaxman

I got into providing insurance because I wanted to be able to provide peace of mind for my neighbors and my communities at large. Being able to do so for people, while saving them money is a phenomenal experience.


I specialize in Home, Auto, Umbrella, Commercial policies, and Fixed Financial Instruments. I do this because we spend the majority of our lives in our homes, automobiles, and our places of business. We spend even more time thinking about the future. I grew up in the auto industry, buying and selling cars with my father. When I am not working, I am usually “car shopping” or taking long drives. Because of this background I am always willing to provide people with advice on what they should purchase when that time comes around for a new vehicle.  For all of your questions, you will always get an answer. If I cannot give you an answer on the spot, I know that my team experts here at Barra & Associates will help me provide a proper one. For me just giving answers is not enough, it has to be the right one, and that is what you will find when you work with me.

Joshua Flaxman


847.219.0069 | Direct [call+text]

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630.206.9660 | Support Team [call only]

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