Sakshi Gupta

From a bubbly, extrovert girl to being a responsible wife and funny mom for my two daughters to a honest professional in the Insurance Industry. Life is good here; I have the resources to work with 100+ highly rated insurance carriers which gives me an exceptional edge to stand out from other companies.


My belief is to educate clients and help them in making an informative decision about their insurance needs. The team at Barra & Associates is a treasure to have to clear any doubts and answer any questions. I look forward to building a strong reputation of myself in this industry by being associated with Barra whose company policy clearly aligns with my work ethics of being truly honest in my profession.

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Sakshi Gupta


847.309.3296 | Direct [call+text]

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630.206.9660 | Support Team [call only]

630.686.7700 | Support Team [text only]

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