Samantha Jaeger
Insurance Broker

Samantha Jaeger is an Insurance Broker with Barra & Associates. She is focused on customizing and consolidating a clients insurance needs, provide coverage based on the unique needs of a particular insured, while driving cost to the client down! Samantha is licensed in all lines allowing her to simplify all things insurance for you. 

Samantha is a mother of four children, one cat, and a dog. Paying attention, consistency and tenacity is how she succeeds every day, she applies the same dedication to each client she works with. 

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Samantha Jaeger

Insurance Broker

630.808.9805 | Direct [call+text]

                       | Client Center [self service]

630.206.9660 | Support Team [call only]

630.686.7700 | Support Team [text only]

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